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Cooperation agreement


Basic values in our companies are very simple but extremely important: MUTUAL RESPECT AND TRUST, the only values that enable us to enter into long-term relations, which will satisfy both parts.

In connection with the above mentioned values, we decided to offer temporary employment contracts. This legislative type of contract is not the cheapest one but from the ethical point of view it is the best one and nowadays, it is the only one which is able to protect your interests, as well as the interests of our clients. This employment contract in the target country is a tripartite contract signed by the client, you and the temporary employment agency. You will become an employee of a French, German or other company, depending on the country where the project is performed.

All social and health insurance payments, as well as tax payments, are paid in the country where you are working. It means you pay no tax in Slovakia (on assumption there is a double tax avoidance agreement with the country) 


Within the frame of our cooperation and your activities for our partners, it is necessary to follow several rules, namely:


In terms of your employment you are obliged to wear required personal protective equipment, such as safety boots with a toe cap, a boiler suit, a protective helmet, safety headphones, protective glasses and protective gloves. You are also required to bring your own work tools, for thatpurpose you will be delivered a listof necessary tools needed for your qualification (so called “tool case“).

Medical check-ups: You are obliged to undergo a medical examination, which is compulsory in France. We will arrange the appointment for you and you are obliged to attend it. It is your legal duty to be physically fit to perform the essential functions of the job and to face a variety of safety risks on the job.

We remind you that, of course, it is FORBIDDEN to drink alcohol and/or use other narcotics. You are also obliged to respect our internal rules and orders, as well as the rules and orders of the client you are working for.

For that purpose, we developed a security reference book in Slovak language, in which you can find information about various kinds of risk in the workplace and particular measures preventing accidents at work.


Our company will arrange accommodation for you in a kind of a tourist hotel. Right after your arrival, you are responsible for:

- Bringing your own bed clothes, towels and dishtowels

- You should avoid excessive consumption of electricity and gas. To save electricity and gas you should turn down the heating during your absence. Maximum daily consumption of water at our expense is: 10 € per day/ consumption of energy and 130 litres of water per day. Eventual excess consumption will be at your expense.

- You must keep the part of the premises you occupy clean and tidy during your stay. At the end of your tenancy you are obliged to return the premises in substantially the same condition and level of cleanliness as it was at the beginning of the tenancy.

These terms must be adhered to, otherwise you will be charged additional expenses (minimum of 50€).

The cooperation agreement will be signed before every start of a project. It is a guarantee of our mutual commitments for successful cooperation.