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CHRISTAL company specializes in staff recruitment and finds candidates for its foreign clients from all over Europe.

Hand-picked applicants are offered various work positions in projects abroad (France, Germany etc.)

The best candidates work for our clients all the year round.

We cover a wide range of job positions in the industrial sphere, for example assembly operations, mechanics, plumbing, pipe work, welding, locksmithery and electrical installations.

We are constantly looking for new candidates who will become a part of our solid core. Do not hesitate and contact us

Our history
In recent years we have experienced a big shortage of qualified workers in the metal working industry and industrial assembly in Eastern Europe.

A two-year European study that we have conducted in this area clearly confirmed the leading position of Slovakia. Thanks to the years of experience in the design and manufacture of tanks and weapons, this industrialized country offers really competent workers in the field of industrial assembly, mechanics, welding, piping and electrical work.

 This analysis led to the establishment of CHRISTAL company!

We have had highly positive results since our first recruiting of Slovak staff. We have found out that, in addition to their technical competence, the Slovaks are motivated, helpful, respectful and grateful. They have qualities which create the basis for the establishment of a long-term relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

Jobs offers / Vacancies
Assembler, mechanic -

We are looking for assemblers and mechanics for work positions in France and Germany.

Published on 03-07-2015 à 12:00:00
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GERMANY: Masons and plasterers. -

Published on 01-10-2015 à 09:15:00
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Vacancies for German-speaking candidates for industrial facilities -

Vacancies for German-speaking candidates for industrial facilities /welders,mecanics, industrial peintre, help operators, forklift drivers etc./

Published on 29-09-2015 à 09:45:00
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