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SITE MANAGER for erection and commissioning of Processing Lines

Site Manager

Project: various Processing Lines

Location: world wide

General Job details:

- Site Manager for erection and commissioning of Processing Lines

- Technical management, supervision and coordination for the entire jobsite including

the coordination of the consortium partners and sub-suppliers

- Project scheduling under consideration of target schedule in close cooperation with

the PM, with the client, with the client’s erection contractor, with the

consortium partners and the sub suppliers

- Supervision for erection and commissioning of mechanical- and process

equipment, for piping installation of SS- and CS-pipes, for installation of pumps and

chemical media-storage-tanks, for erection of hydraulic unit and hydraulic piping,


- Supervision for no load- and load function tests, integrated equipment tests to first

coil and production support within target date

- The Site Manager will be supported by Supervisors from the respective consortium

partners and Client for the furnace-, the process- and for the mechanical -

hydraulics installation and commissioning

- Organising, initiating, undertaking and documenting the performance tests to FAC

- Training on the job of customers personnel

- Reporting to Project Management



- Site Manager with strong background in processing line equipment and perfectly

familiar with as aspects of site management, millwright- and commissioning work

- Respective experience in leading international projects as Site Manager

- Specialised in coordination, scheduling, resource / personnel planning and claim


- Perfectly familiar with surveying works, machine erection utilising theodolite and

levelling instrument as well as pipe-work installation for chemical-media and

hydraulics (pickling and flushing procedures etc.)

- Familiar with commissioning and operation of process equipment, knowledge in

process engineering and basic understanding of electrical control for processing


- Experienced with jobsite-work abroad


General Contract Conditions with Client:

Contractual obligation require all technician to sign a confidentiality agreement between contractor of external services and Client

Individual survey works and establishment of certification for completion of erection

by Supervisors and Site Manager of Client


Site Manager Duties

Personnel management/personnel organisation

- Instructing of supervisory personnel and familiarising them with their fields of


- Explanation of the technical documentation

- Preparation of work schedules

- Handing in of erection reports, with photographs, if required

1. Erection/installation

- Determination of longitudinal and transversal axes and of level monuments or

demanding their determination from the orderer.

- Foundation control with determination of additional axis points and level


- Drawing up of a foundation acceptance report

- Inspection of incoming deliveries for completeness and damage

- Drawing up of flow charts for the installation of machines, media stations and

interconnecting pipelines with regard to crane capacities and other resources.

- Updating and completion of erection/installation and time schedules

- Professional supervision of aligning, levelling, erection/installation and welding work

- Drawing up of measuring and grouting reports

- Drawing up and keeping of the list of remaining items

Functional tests

- Preparation of testing schedules

- Preparation of time schedules

- Documentation of test results and of specifications

2. During the commissioning period

- Field training of customer/mill owner personnel

- Planning and specifying of work to be done during maintenance stoppages

- Drawing up and keeping of documentation on guarantees, warranties

- Assistance in the drawing up of as-built documentation


Our offer:

Interesting wage, immediate job based on German work contract, social and health insurance, free of charge accommodation, continuous support and counselling from our team. 

If interested, please send us your CV at or or see page CONTACT to have phone numbers.