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Our completed projects

New Hospital in Metz

Laying 22 km of cables – cable laying and installing of electrical equipment (switch rooms – switchgear systems – lighting…)

Duration of the project – 24 months

 chantier hopital metz     chantier hopital metz  


Perl Besch (Germany)

Assembly of 20 silos for storing grain, a port for ship loading, oil cake warehouses, 2 grain bin silos for grain transporting, as well as a grain transportation system, a dust removal system and an air compressor plants.

 Duration of the project – 12 months

 chantier perl     chantier perl

chantier perl



Assembly of external storage tanks.

 chantier vermar     chantier vermar


Revest du Bion

Assembly of a truck loading system.

 chantier revest du bion     chantier revest du bion



Exchange of a crusher and a cleaner-separator.

 chantier ottmarsheim     chantier ottmarsheim